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view of Manar with Bennachie behind

distant view of Manar with meadowland sloping down to the River Don

Manar House

a bedroom at Manar

staircase at Manar

games room at Manar

old home farm at Manar

entrance to the drive

the fisheries along the River Don on the Manar estate

grazing land on the Manar estate

side view of Manar House

gardens at Manar

gardens at Manar

view of Manar Estate about 1900

tennis at manar in 1890s

Manar Bible - the 1811 family bible of the Gordons of Manar

Manar Bible - with Elizabeth Cruger Gordon's bookmark

Manar Bible - the children of Hugh Gordon of Manar

Manar Bible - the children of James Gordon of Manar


Mrs Gordon of Manar at Midmar Castle

Ann Gordon of Manar, taken circa 1880, kindly sent to us by the Fowler family

Ann Gordon of Manar, circa 1873, kindly sent to us by the Fowler family

One of the Gordon family (probably Elizabeth Cruger Lumsden) in the 1870s, kindly sent to us by the Fowler family

'Mrs Gordon MA', kindly sent to us by the Fowler family: believed to be Ellen (Hall) Gordon, first wife of Henry Gordon of Manar

Elizabeth Cruger (Lumsden) Gordon in the 1860s - photo by Camille Silvy

Zoom in of the photo above

Mrs Gordon of Manar at Menton on the French Riviera in 1873

Alan and Jean Fowler, servants at Manar, circa 1866

James Fowler and family, servants at Manar, circa 1866

Looking towards Manar and Bennachie


Manar with Bennachie behind

A similar pictureof Manar

Aerial photo of Manar

Another aerial photo of Manar

Gordon sisters at Midmar circa 1940

Midmar Castle, where Elizabeth Cruger Gordon retired when her husband died,

accompanied by the two Gordon sisters pictured above this photo.

The brilliantly researched book on the Australian descendants

of Hugh Gordon, younger son of Hugh Gordon of Manar

Hugh Gordon of Manar, Australia (and son of Hugh Gordon of Manar, Aberdeenshire)

Manar, near Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia

Florence Gordon (later Devitt) feeding the hens at Manar (circa 1890)

The gardens at Manar, New South Wales, in 1897

Seeds from many trees and plants were sent to Australia

from the original Manar in Aberdeenshire

and from the Leslies of Warthill

Hugh Gordon of Manar, NSW,'s family bible, given to him by Leslie of Warthill and handed down

through the Australian family to Lambert Skene, Hugh Hungerford Gordon, Hugh McLeod Gordon

and presently in the possession of James (Jamie) William Gordon

Hugh Gordon, writing from New South Wales to Mrs Jane Leslie of Warthill, on 11th May 1838,

refers to the Bible Mr Leslie gave him before he left Scotland

The family graveyard at Manar, New South Wales

Emma Gordon of Manar unveiling the memorial plaque at the Gordon family reunion of 1986

The memorial plaque commemorating the 150th anniversary of Hugh Gordon's arrival in Australia.

Over 370 people are alive today because of Hugh and his wife Mary, 208 attending the Family Reunion.

The six sons of Hugh Gordon of Manar, NSW, taken circa 1898.

Back row: Frederick Pascoe Gordon, Hugh Hannibal Gordon, Herbert Trevelyan Gordon, Lambart Skene Gordon.

Front row: William Forbes Gordon, James Gordon.

This photograph is believed to have been taken at the funeral of their mother Mary King (MacArthur) Gordon in 1898.

The descendants and families of William Forbes Gordon at the Gordon family reunion held in 1986. This is just one of Hugh Gordon's sons and their descendants.

Back row: Andrew Balmain, Petrina Balmain, Robert Gordon, David Gordon, Tempe Gordon, Tom Gordon, Lindsay Davy, Forbes Gordon, Joanna Gordon,

Kate Davy, Sandy Gordon, Sue Gordon. Third row: Philippa Vickers, Annie Gordon, Robin Gordon, Jim Gordon, Ros Lloyd-Phillips, Hugh Lloyd-Phillips, Sam Gordon,

Hugh Gordon, Emma Gordon, Hugh Bligh, Angus Gordon. Second row: Leonard Abrahams, Jane Abrahams, John Gordon, Pam Gordon, Andrew Gordon,

Daniel Gordon, Hugh Lloyd-Phillips, Edward Lloyd-Phillips, Clare Lloyd-Phillips, Elizabeth Davy, James Davy. Front row: Alexandra Abrahams, Margot Abrahams,

Fleur Balmain, David Balmain, Julian Llyod-Phillips, Michael Gordon, Nicholas Gordon, William Gordon, Charles Gordon, Peter Gordon, and Jeremy Gordon.

There are many more pictures of other descendants on the pages about Hugh Hannibal Gordon, James Gordon, Mary Elizabeth Gordon, Herbert Trevelyan Gordon,

Emmeline Leslie Gordon, Frederick Pascoe Gordon, and Lambart Skene Gordon.

Mary Elizabeth Gordon, eldest daughter of Hugh Gordon of Manar, NSW.

Forbes Hugh Gordon, the great-grandson of William Forbes Gordon, with his wife Joanna (Evans) Gordon - at the family reunion in 1986

Four generations of Gordons (photo taken circa 1940): Lambart Skene Gordon (1857-1950) on the right;

in the middle at the back is his son Hugh Hungerford Gordon (1883-1969); on the left is Lambart's grandson Hugh McLeod Gordon (1909-2002);

in the foreground is Hugh 'Mac' McLeod Gordon aged about 2.




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