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The Family of Hugh Gordon of Manar

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The family of Hugh Gordon of Manar NSW

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The family of Lambert Skene Gordon


Lambart Skene Gordon b.04-09-1857 d.02-08-1950 at Armidale
m. on 19-01-1882 at Enfield
Annette Jemima Hungerford b.31-12-1859 d.11-08-1955
Hugh Hungerford Gordon b.30-06-1883 d.13-01-1969
Kathleen Beatrice Gordon b.29-01-1886 d.27-03-1886

Douglas Lambart Gordon b.06-12-1889 d.04-05-1978

Kenneth Francis Gordon b.17-10-1892 in Armidale d.15-05-1978
Muriel Annette Gordon b.07-12-1897 d.20-05-1994

married on 29-04-1908
married on 16-12-1908 at Armidale
married (1) in 1920 to Lena M.F.W. Gallop b.05-11-1891 d.18-07-1981
married in 1915
married on 30-09-1925
Frederica Marion Taylor b.05-11-1883 d.28-05-1962 at Uralla
Whitby Simpson b.26-07-1880 d.06-10-1953
married (2) in 1930 to Marjory M.W. Jenkins (no children)
Edith Legh Mann d.13-12-1972 at Glen Innes
Roy Lancelot Campbell b.21-03-1893 d.09-12-1959
4 children
4 children
3 children from first marriage
3 children
2 children


Lambart Skene Gordon, the youngest son of Hugh Gordon of Manar, NSW

Lambart Skene and family, circa 1899

Back row: Lambart, Kathleen, Hugh Hungerford (Bob)

Middle: Lambart's wife, Annette Jemima (nee Hungerford)

Front row: Kenneth, Muriel, Douglas

Kathleen Beatrice (Gordon) Simpson - born in 1886 she lived to be 100.

She was the eldest daughter of Lambart Skene Gordon and married Whitby Simpson.

Four generations of Gordons (photo taken circa 1940): Lambart Skene Gordon (1857-1950) on the right;

in the middle at the back is his son Hugh Hungerford Gordon (1883-1969); on the left is Lambart's grandson Hugh McLeod Gordon (1909-2002);

in the foreground is Hugh 'Mac' McLeod Gordon aged about 2.

Lambart Skene Gordon, aged 6, in the 1860's

The descendants and families of Lambart Skene Gordon at the Gordon family reunion held in 1986.

Back row: David Gordon, Phillip Crossing, Joanne Crossing, Jamie Gordon, Adam Gordon, Mac Gordon, Bev Gordon. Third row: Jim Simpson, Kay Simpson,

Ross Anderson, Annette Anderson, Peter Lamb, Robyn Lamb, Adrian Simpson, Peggy Zietsch, Ann McNeill, Gordon McNeill (holding Sarah McNeill), Jim Gordon.

Second row: Martin Brown (holding David Brown), Geoffrey Brown, Fran Brown, Louisa Brown, Laura Gordon, Jenny Gordon, Robert Gordon, Adrian Campbell,

Colin Campbell, Joan Campbell, Anne Gordon (holding her niece Nicole Anderson), Meg Anderson (holding Christopher Anderson), Mark Anderson, Margaret Gordon,

John Gordon, Beatrice Turner. Front row: Bill Holmes, Ted Holmes, Nina Holmes, Hugh Gordon, Rita Gordon, Muriel (Meme) Campbell, Betty Cameron,

Justin Anderson, Matthew Lamb, Kirrily Anderson, Robert Lamb, Anthony Lamb, Dane Anderson.




The Gordons of Manar in Australia

Lambart Skene Gordon

Lambart Skene Gordon, sixth son and youngest child of Hugh Gordon of Manar, Braidwood, NSW, was born at Manar on 4 September 1857 (only 3 months before his father died) and educated at the King's School. After spending a few years at sea, working on ships carrying timber between New Zealand and Australia, he was indentured in 1874 with Joseph Allworth, a licensed surveyor in Armidale NSW, and he served for a while as Allworth's field assistant. He went to Sydney where he was employed in the Survey Department, helping to survey the baseline of the town of Richmond. He then served in district offices in Maitland and Goulburn before returning to Armidale. He became a Crown Land Agent, firstly at Narrabri in 1881 and then at Armidale. Lambart spent 40 years in the Armidale Lands Office and in the early years was heavily involved with landholders who were paying instalments on selections purchased or leased from the Crown. He retired from the Lands Office, where he had also been Registrar of births, deaths and marriages, in 1922. In a retirement ceremony the District Surveyor said they were "very sorry to lose such a highly esteemed officer and good friend." Lambart built a large house called 'Clovelly' on a hill overlooking Armidale, and spent many hours in the garden there, as he was a very keen gardener like his father Hugh. Also like his father, he was a good artist, and would draw pictures of sailing ships, maybe remembering his days at sea as a young man. Lambart also bought a number of other properties in the Armidale district including Moore Park, Dunoon (later called Elsinore), Werrina and West Lynne, some of which he passed on to his three sons. Lambart had a long record of service to the community and took a prominent part in many civic duties. He was connected with the Church of England and the Masonic Lodge and for thirty years served as a member of the Armidale Hospital Committee. During the Boer War he tested horsemen who had enlisted at Armidale. Lambart died at Armidale on 2 August 1950 at the age of 92. At his funeral, it was said, "He bore all things with the courage of his Christian faith and character. We shall remember and prize the memory of Lambart Skene Gordon, courteous, kindly, considerate, a friend to all he met." Years after, his grandchildren remembered him with great affection. They remembered him as a kind and caring person to all his family, and a hard-working, honest and highly ethical public servant.

He married on 19 January 1882, at St. Thomas', Enfield, Annette Jemima (known as Nettie), daughter of Rev. Septimus Hungerford. She was born on 31 December 1859 and died on 11 August 1955 at the age of 95. She was actively involved in a number of local charities, including hospital charities and the Red Cross. They had:

1. Hugh Hungerford, born in Armidale on 30 June 1883.

2. Kathleen Beatrice, born in Armidale 29 January 1886.

3. Douglas Lambart, born in Armidale on 6 December 1889.

4. Kenneth Francis, born in Armidale on 17 October 1892.

5. Muriel Annette, born in Armidale 7 December 1897.









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