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The family of William Deuchar Gordon


William Deuchar Gordon b.19-06-1871 d.11-09-1951
m. in 1901 at Bungendore
Charlotte 'Bunty' Louise Campbell b.1875 at Young d.17-02-1965
Margaret Louise Gordon b.17-01-1902 d.12-12-1991 in Sydney

William Alexander Gordon b.03-09-1905 d.10-05-1984

Elizabeth Deuchar Gordon b.22-05-1908 d.24-02-2006
Deuchar Forbes Gordon b.11-04-1911 in Sydney d.08-09-1962

married (1) in 1933 at Woollahra to Olma Osborne
married in 1930
married in 1939
married (2) in 1963 to Juanita 'Mittie' Lee Brown (3) Mary Esdaile
Dr Ashleigh Osborne Davy b.1897 d.1977
Mary Mure McMaster b.09-09-1915 d.03-03-1963
1 child from first marriage
2 children
3 children


Forbes Hugh Gordon, the grandson of William Deuchar Gordon, with his wife Joanna (Evans) Gordon - at the family reunion in 1986




The Gordons of Manar in Australia

William Deuchar Gordon

William Deuchar Gordon, eldest surviving son of William Forbes Gordon, was born at Manar on 19 June 1871 and educated at Newington College in Sydney and at McFletcher's School in Katoomba. After leaving school, he worked as a bookkeeper and then accountant for Walter Lamb's Woodstock Fruit Company at Rooty Hill in order to get some business experience. Known to his family as Deuchar, he returned to Manar in 1891, where he remained until he was married in 1901 when he moved to Werriwa which had been owned by his aunt Katherine. He was appointed a magistrate in December 1905. In 1912 Deuchar and his wife returned to Manar where they stayed until Deuchar's death in 1951. During his period as owner of Manar, Deuchar consolidated and expanded the property and on his death it exceeded 26,000 acres. He took a keen interest in local affairs and was President of the Braidwood Hospital Board and Chairman of the Pastures Protection Board and of the local branch of the Grazier's Association of NSW. He was also Patron of the Braidwood Show Society, Vice President and a member of the executive of the Grazier's Association, President of the Australian Club and a director of the Perpetual Trustee Company. Deuchar died at Potts Point in Sydney on 11 September 1951, leaving an estate of £258,727.

He married at Bungendore in 1901, Charlotte Louise, daughter of David Henry Campbell. She was born at Young in 1875. After Deuchar's death, Charlotte, known as Bunty, moved to Turalla near Bungendore and later to Sydney where she died on 17 February 1965 at the age of 89. William and Charlotte ('Bunty') were buried at Manar. They had:

1. William Alexander (Bill), born in Sydney on 3 September 1905, was educated at the Kings School and worked as a jackeroo in the Riverina before returning to Manar. He moved to The Gib, near Bungendore, in 1933, where he remained till 1963 when he went to Bobingah in the Nimmitabel district. William lived at Bobingah for ten years before retiring to Sydney where he died on 10 May 1984. In accordance with his wishes, he was cremated and his ashes spread at Manar. William married three times: (i) at Woollhara in 1933, Olma, daughter of Oliver Osborne. They were divorced after many years of 'estrangement'; (ii) in 1963, Juanita (Mittie) Lee, born in San Francisco in 1922, daughter of Dr Robert Brown. Described as a 'bohemian' and 'the last Grande Dame of Australian Art,' she deserted Bill in 1967 and fled with a lover to Ceylon where she was still living in 2011. They were divorced in 1970; (iii) Mary Esdaile. By his first wife, William had an only daughter, Jane, who died in England aged about 26.

2. Deuchar Forbes (known as Forbes) was born in Sydney on 11 April 1911 and educated at the King's School from 1921 till 1929. He then spent a year at Cambridge University but was forced to return to Australia because of the Depression, and he completed his degree in Economics at Sydney University, graduating second in his year. Forbes, as he was known, then worked at Manar till 1940 when, on the outbreak of war he enlisted in the RAAF. He served as a navigator in South-East Asia and was awarded the DFC. After the war, Forbes and his wife lived at Turalla near Bungendore until 1951, when Forbes' father died, and they moved to Manar. In 1954 Forbes inherited the estate of Clova in Aberdeenshire from a distant relative, via Hugh Lumsden of Clova & Auchindoir (the son of Harry Lumsden and Anne Gordon). He was therefore for a little while 'The Laird of Clova'. Unfortunately, he had to sell Clova shortly after. He died after a short illness on 8 September 1962, having married in 1939, Mary Mure, daughter of Dr Donald MacMaster of Edgcliff. She was born on 9 September 1915 and died on 3 March 1963. They had:

_ _ _ _(i). Forbes Hugh Gordon, born 12 December 1939, was educated at the King's School and then obtained an Arts degree at Sydney University. He settled at Manar following the death of his mother in 1963. Forbes practiced as a solicitor in Canberra for about ten years but retired in about 1990 to concentrate on running Manar. He married Joanna Jane Evans, who was born on 9 June 1939. They have: 1. Emma Mary, born 14 April 1964, educated at Geelong Grammar School. She married in May 1991, Jonathan Calver. 2. Hugh Forbes, born 19 February 1966, educated at Canberra Grammar School. He is an architect with his own practice based in Canberra. Hugh has two daughters, Eloise and Francesca. 3. Sam Deuchar, born 11 October 1970, educated at Geelong Grammar School, then studied aquaculture in Tasmania. He married Sarah Kinnear and has two sons.

_ _ _ _(ii). Anne Elizabeth (Gordon) Harris, was born on 29 August 1945. She was educated at Frensham school, then studied Arts at Sydney University. She was an artist and went on to study Art in London - she had a work exhibited at the Royal Academy. She married Gregory Harris, a film editor, and based in England she had two children, Zoe and Tabatha.

_ _ _ _(iii). Alexander Deuchar Donald (Sandy), was born on 21 July 1947, and educated at the King's School, finishing in 1964. He attended Sydney University, graduating BA in 1965 and was later at Cambridge where he was awarded a PhD in 1976, having specialised in studies on the political economy of India. He became engaged in research at the Australian National University in Canberra, working at the Office of National Assessment where he was Executive Director of the Asian Studies Council. In 1990 he became a fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the ANU. In 1996 he was appointed Special Adviser, Intelligence, to the Australian Federal Police. Sandy has lectured on terrorism, intelligence and South East Asia at the ANU and the University of NSW. He has published a number of books and papers on S E Asia with particular reference to India. Sandy married in 1971, Suellen Tanzer. They have: 1. Daniel, born 6 July 1973. 2. Joshua, born 4 March 1975. He and his brother are talented musicians and are part of the band The Tinkers. 3. Anne Elizabeth, born 29 August 1945, married Gregory Harris.

3. Margaret Louise, born at Bungendore on 17 January 1902, died unmarried in Sydney on 12 December 1991. She was playing bridge at the time. She travelled extensively, including an exciting trip in India in the days of the 'Raj'.

4. Elizabeth Deuchar, born at Woollahra on 22 May 1908, married in 1930, Dr Ashleigh Osborne Davy, an ear nose and throat surgeon. They lived in Sydney until World War II, when Ashleigh served overseas in the army as a surgeon. After the War he returned to practise in Sydney, and they brought up their two children (William and Christine). When Ashleigh retired, he and Beth moved to 'Wyndarra' where they kept Herefordshire cattle.


Account kindly provided by 'Mac' Gordon

(aka Hugh McLeod Gordon, gt-grandson of Lambart Skene Gordon,

and gt-gt grandson of Hugh Gordon of Manar,Braidwood, NSW)









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