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The Family of Hugh Gordon of Manar

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The family of Hugh Gordon of Manar NSW

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The family of Hugh Hungerford Gordon


Hugh Hungerford Gordon b.30-06-1883 d.13-01-1969
m. on 29-04-1908
Frederica Marion Taylor b.05-11-1883 d.28-05-1962 Kentucky, NSW
Hugh McLeod Gordon b.28-03-1909 d.23-04-2002 at Manly
Betty Lind Gordon b.17-05-1911 d.20-07-2007 in Armidale

Peggy Lind Gordon b.28-05-1916 d.04-04-2008 at Lismore

Jean Lind Gordon b.27-06-1920 at Armidale d.30-01-1969

married on 27-02-1937 at Balmain
married on 12-12-1938
married on 15-07-1944 at Darlinghurst
married on 21-05-1942
Rita Godfrey Killingley b.01-12-1908 d.24-11-1996 at Katoomba
Donald Cameron b.28-11-1911 d.29-01-1982
Eric Gordon Zietsch b.26-05-1920 d.07-04-1981
Duncan Roderick Kilcoy McLennan b.23-12-1913
4 children
2 children
2 children
1 child


Four generations of Gordons.

Hugh Hungerford Gordon (adult in the middle) with his son Hugh McLeod Gordon on the left of picture, and his father Lambart Skene Gordon on the right.

In front of them is Hugh McLeod Gordon's son, also called Hugh McLeod Gordon (or 'Mac'), aged about 2. The picture was taken circa 1940.

Hugh Hungerford Gordon (back row, right) is in his teens in this picture of his father Lambart Skene Gordon's family, which was taken around 1899.

Back row: Lambart, Kathleen, Hugh Hungerford (Bob)

Middle: Lambart's wife, Annette Jemima (nee Hungerford)

Front row: Kenneth, Muriel, Douglas

Frederica Marion (Taylor) Gordon and Hugh Hungerford Gordon

at their Golden Wedding Anniversary party in 1958




The Gordons of Manar in Australia

Hugh Hungerford Gordon

Hugh Hungerford Gordon was born at Armidale on 30 June 1883, the son of Lambart Skene Gordon, and after leaving school, worked at the City Bank. After it collapsed, he worked for a time with the Armidale Pastures Protection Board and was responsible for erecting the first rabbit proof fences in the district. He became a stock & station agent, part of the time on his own account and partly in partnership with his brother-in-law, Whitby Simpson. He was principally a grazier, however, and he had a number of properties in the district, including Elsinore and Hillcrest, the latter a mixed orchard and grazing property near Uralla, where some of the finest wool in the State was produced. Bob, as he was known, retired from the land in 1962 and lived in Uralla until he died on 13 January 1969. He married on 29 April 1908, Frederica Marion, daughter of Frederick George Taylor of Terrible Vale, Kentucky, NSW. She was born at Terrible Vale on 5 November 1883 and died at Uralla on 28 May 1962. They had:

1. Hugh McLeod Gordon, only son of Hugh Hungerford Gordon, was born at Armidale on 28 March 1909 and spent his early years at his father's property, Elsinore, in the New England district of NSW. He recalled being fascinated by the worms found in the livers and stomachs of slaughtered sheep and attributed his initial interest in parasites to his early experiences on the land. He attended Armidale High School during the years 1922 to 1926 where he excelled at his studies and rugby football. In 1927 Hugh entered the faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney where he resided at St Paul's College. He graduated with honours as a BVSc in 1930 and was awarded the William Cooper & Nephews Prize for parasitology and the Baker & Ridley Memorial Prize for animal husbandry. He won University Blues for hockey in 1928 and 1929.

Upon graduation, Hugh embarked on a long and distinguished career in veterinary research, becoming a world renowned expert in his field of veterinary parasitology. He was granted a Walter and Eliza Veterinary Science Fellowship and from 1931 to 1933 he worked at the newly established McMaster Laboratory of the CSIR (later the CSIRO) under the direction of Dr (later Sir) Ian Clunies-Ross. This research came at a time when parasitology was still in its formative years and while Australian woolgrowers were suffering from enormous losses. Failure to effectively identify parasites causing losses, lack of treatment and limited knowledge of the factors leading to pasture infection, had crippled wool producers. Laying the foundations of modern parasitological thinking is recognised as Hugh's most important achievement.

Hugh was appointed to the staff of the McMaster Laboratory in 1934 and, apart from a year in 1935 when he was seconded to Grazcos, he remained with the CSIRO until he retired in 1974. In 1936 he was co-author with Clunies-Ross of the definitive textbook Internal Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of Sheep. In 1938, largely on his initiative, the CSIRO established a research laboratory at Armidale to study the epidemiology of the parasitic diseases of sheep. In the 1940s and 1950s he carried out substantial field studies on the epidemiology and control of the helminthoses in sheep in the major climatic zones of Australia and he developed important concepts which culminated in the publication of over a hundred influential papers. These established the principles of helminth control and a major part of Hugh's work included the development and evaluation of anthelmintic drugs, notably phenothiazine in the 1940s and Thiabendazole in the 1960s.8

Hugh was a part-time lecturer in veterinary parasitology at the University of Sydney from 1937 till 1970 and was responsible for teaching parasitology to more than 1,000 graduates. In 1949 he was elected president of Section L (Veterinary Science) of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS) and attended the 14th International Veterinary Congress in London. During the next thirty years he attended meetings, presented papers and gave lectures all over the world.

Hugh was awarded his doctorate in veterinary science from the University of Sydney in 1968 and in 1976 he became foundation fellow of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists. He received many other honours including fellowship of the Australian Society for Parasitology, honorary memberships of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology and the Helminthological Society of Washington and the Order of the Golden Fleece from the Californian Woolgrowers Association. In 1986 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to Veterinary Science. Hugh served the profession in many other roles. He was an active member of the New South Wales division of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) for many years, being secretary for eight years and president in 1941 and 1942. He was president of the AVA in 1951, became a fellow in 1959 and from 1932 was honorary librarian of the AVA's Max Henry Memorial library.

In a career spanning sixty years, Hugh Gordon became one of the best known and respected veterinary scientists in the world. In an Appreciation on his 80th Birthday, a colleague, Alan Donald of the CSIRO, wrote: "He has a truly enquiring mind, a constant capacity for lateral thinking and an encyclopaedic of many things but of matters parasitological above all. At the same time, he has a gentle, self-effacing manner which has made him instantly approachable by the most junior of his colleagues and students, and he has never been too busy to answer their requests for help or advice. These attributes, together with his origins, have made him a highly effective communicator with the farming community who hold him in very high regard. His highly developed sense of humour, enormous storehouse of jokes, not all of them suitable for all occasions, and his skills as a raconteur, are widely known around the world".

Hugh died at Manly on 23 April 2002 aged 93. He married at Balmain on 27 February 1937, Rita Godfrey, daughter of Harry Killingley. She was born in Balmain on 1 December 1908 and died at Katoomba on 24 November 1996. During their courting days, Hugh and Rita fell in love with Manly where they lived for more than sixty years. They had four children.

2. Betty Lind, born at Armidale, NSW on 17 May 1911, died at Armidale on 20 July 2007, married on 12 December 1938, Donald Cameron, a grazier of Fassifern, Wollomombi, NSW. He was born on 28 November 1911 and died on 29 January 1982.

3. Peggy Lind, born at Armidale 28 May 1916, died in Lismore on 4 April 2008, married at Darlinghurst on 15 July 1944, Eric Gordon Zietsch, a pharmacist. He was born on 25 November 1916 and died on 7 April 1981.

4. Jean Lind, born at Armidale 27 June 1920, a school teacher, died in Sydney on 30 January 1969. She married on 21 May 1942, Duncan Roderick Kilcoy McLennan, a grazier of Kilcoy Wollomombi. He was born on 23 December 1913 and died on 2 July 1996.




Adam Stewart Gordon (centre) graduating as a Veterinary Surgeon from Sydney University in 1990

(with his father - right - and grandfather - left)

Adam is wearing the cap and gown his grandfather wore at his graduation in 1930.


Four generations of Gordon in 1997: (left to right) Dr Hugh McLeod Gordon, Adam Stewart Gordon - holding his daughter Sophie Ellen -

and Hugh McLeod Gordon (Mac)






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